The unique WDPS Life Skills Challenge program has been created because all children need a key skills-set in order to develop their potential and to make their life dreams become a reality.
All visitors help us to become enquirers and to learn and discover new things about the world.
Visiting 10 Downing Street helps us appreciate that the WDPS Core Values are reflected in fundamental ‘British Values.’
WDPS Cycle offsite multi-day challenges help us all to develop resilience and to become effective team players.
We develop higher-level thinking skills online by learning to analyse, synthesise and evaluate.
Our teachers appreciate that we are all unique individuals with different learning styles.
Learning is fun as our Teachers plan exciting learning experiences through the International Primary Curriculum (IPC).
The all–weather WDPS Mountain Bike and Running Trail helps us develop fitness, stamina and essential bike-handling skills.
We learn from different world cultures which helps shape us into well-balanced and open-minded global citizens.
In the WDPS Bushcraft Area we develop our Multiple Intelligences and self-confidence whilst learning to manage risks.

Welcome to West Denton Primary School (WDPS)

Updated: Monday 26th March 2018 (Mick MingStones, Head Teacher)

Dear Parents, Carers, Governors and Friends of WDPS, I hope that you have all enjoyed a happy weekend with your families and friends.

As you know, Ofsted visited on Tuesday 13th March to inspect WDPS. They evaluated us for the following areas:

·         Overall Effectiveness

·         Leadership and Management

·         Teaching, Learning and Assessment

·         Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

·         Outcomes for Pupils

I was delighted that this was a 1 day inspection and I will share the report with you once I receive it.

Remember that we have the annual Easter egg competition for our children this week and that there is a separate competition and prize for parents and carers. Parents and carers are invited to view the exhibits this Thursday 29th March from 09.10am to 09.30am.

Now that the daylight hours are extending, please encourage all our children to exercise and benefit from healthy time spent playing outdoors. Research shows that physical exercise is important for mental as well as physical wellbeing. This is equally important for adults and for children.

Improving Reading is a whole school focus as all children need the skills to conduct research and also to enjoy the creative pleasure of the written word. As a family enjoy reading some of the book reviews to the right of this blog.

It gives me great pleasure to see our children benefitting from the bespoke WDPS Life Skills Challenge programme that we have created. We are currently working on creating an award scheme (WDPS Life Skills Challenge Award) that children can progress through during their time at WDPS. This Award will help our children gain vital skills that will make them resilient and ready to thrive and enjoy new experiences in their lives to come.

We will be launching this exciting venture in September 2018.

Kind regards,

Mick MingStones



Key events week commencing Monday 26th March 2018


The Edinburgh residential leave for an amazing few days away (they return on Wednesday) while the Reception children will be enjoying a daytrip to Beamish.

Raffle tickets will go on sale for our annual Easter Egg raffle.

The Phase one children will have their last Hip Hop Lessons this afternoon, please remember to make sure their PE kits are in school.


Children can start bringing in their decorated eggs for the competition on Thursday.

Pocket Trumpet sessions will continue in Mr Jones' class.  

Mrs Woods class will enjoy a trip to Brandon Farm, this is a working farm near Rothbury they will witness lambing and get a real insight into how a farm works.

The afterschool clubs will continue.


SPANISH CULTURAL DAY all children are invited to come to school wearing red or yellow, the colours of the Spanish flag or in Spanish dress or football strip.

The Year 3/4 children will continue with their NUFC foundation session within PE (please make sure they have their PE kits in school). The Family Football sessions will also continue after school.

Mrs Singleton is taking 15 year 6's to Comort House.



Mrs Jenks Class will be visiting Brandon Farm today.  Year 4 will continue with their swimming lessons at the Outer West Pool.

Milkshakes will be on sale at Breaktime, 50p for a Milkshake and biscuit.

Parents will be invited into the hall at the beginning of the day to see the entrants into the decorated egg competition. Later in the morning we will do our Easter Assembly.

Groundforce Day - children from Mr Jones, Mrs Sheil, Miss Croll and Mrs Singletons class and hopefull lots of their parents and carers will enjoy an afternoon sorting out the allotment area, planting bulbs etc... so please dig out your wellies and tools......






Watch stimulating learning in the WDPS family

Download  a copy of this video in High Definition or Standard Definition

Head Teacher's Welcome Message

Quarter Blonk Head Teacher v2

Welcome to West Denton Primary School (WDPS). During your child’s time here, we hope you will come to regard the school as your school  and that your family’s involvement with the school will always be positive. 

We very much value your part in the education of your own child and recognise the work you have already done in teaching your child as their first educators. We want to continue to strengthen this partnership between home and school.

All children need to be highly literate in order to realise their potential in life. As a school we encourage all students to develop higher-level reading and writing skills so that they are able to learn quickly, communicate effectively and also celebrate a true passion for the written word.

WDPS students are well aware of the importance of gaining strong numeracy skills for succeeding in education and in the world of work.

Our children are motivated to learn other modern foreign languages. All Key Stage 2 children benefit from a weekly Spanish lesson.

We believe we give our children a strong start in life as we are an innovative community who have developed a range of programmes that are unique for a school.

We deliver the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) from Year 1 to Year 6 as we want our children to benefit from a combination of academic, personal and international learning. At WDPS we have created the WDPS Raising Aspirations Programme (RAP) as we believe that all children need to have positive adult role models in order to help them to achieve their full potential. This is why we invite inspirational speakers in to school to help our older children understand that hard work, perseverance and following your dreams can open up maximum choices in all aspects of life.

Life Skills Challenge (LSC)
We are very proud to have created the WDPS Life Skills Challenge programme as we believe that children need to gain the skills, attitudes and knowledge to achieve all that they can in life.

Modules Overview

WDPS I Can Do It
WDPS First Aid
WDPS Olympics Challenge
WDPS Cycle
WDPS Bushcraft
WDPS Resilience
WDPS Business Enterprise

 Quarter Blonk 1v2 - I Can Do It! Quarter Blonk 2 Quarter Blonk 3 Quarter-Blonk-4-(New-Web)-v3Quarter Blonk 5

Watch the inspiring video WDPS Cycle Tour 2015

Download a copy of this video in High Definition or Standard Definition

WDPS Cycle
We have invested heavily in cycling and have created the WDPS Running and Mountain Bike Trail so that all children can develop fitness and essential bike-handling skills all year round. We also undertake off-site rides building up to our Y5 and Y6 children completing multi-day cycle tours in the summer term.

WDPS Bushcraft
At WDPS we strive to give our children the opportunity to develop useful life skills that will help them to set and achieve aspirational goals.

We have created a bespoke Bushcraft Area so that all of our children can experience nature and learning outdoors in a very special environment. The Bushcraft Area includes a tree house, a fire pit and zones created for specific skills acquisition. It is enclosed on all sides by a tall, wooden fence and it is accessed via a willow tunnel which leads to the imposing entrance doors.

In the Bushcraft Area children develop their Multiple Intelligences and self-confidence whilst learning to manage risks. When you visit our Bushcraft Area, you will hear laughter as adults and children alike develop a wide range of practical skills and acquire a broader knowledge base.

WDPS Bushcraft includes the following elements:

  • Tool use, Safety and Maintenance (Vegetable peeler, billhook, loppers, bowsaw and sheath knife)
  • Shelters (Tents, tarps and natural resources)
  • Knots and Lashings
  • Fires and Cooking (Construct different types of fire and prepare and make meals)
  • Flora and Fauna
  • Creative Thinking and Art (Planned into the International Primary Curriculum)
  • Team Building and Group Work

WDPS Resilience
The WDPS Resilience module has been created based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) research and embeds the WDPS Core Values as we seek to help our children develop confidence and effective communication and people skills.

Communication 1: Perception is Projection

  • To recognise words which are negative and words which are positive.
  •  Link words to emotions.
  •  Everyone in school will recognise when communicating in the negative and be able to rephrase it as a positive.
  •  To understand body language. 

Half Blonk 1

Emotional Intelligence (EI), Multiple Intelligences (MI) and Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic (VAK) styles of learning

  • To understand how I prefer to learn.
  • To celebrate Intelligences (talents). 
  • To understand my own emotions and those of others .

Half Blonk 2

Drama Triangle - Cause and effect

  • To reflect on  my behaviour  and  that of  others.

Conflict resolution, the volcano and perceptual positions

  • To see others’ view points.
  • To understand what causes conflict. 
  • To develop strategies to resolve conflict.

Turning negatives into positives/reframing, Relax and meditate 1

  • To recognise negativity.
  • To develop a positive attitude.
  • To adopt a healthy lifestyle through reflection. 

Breakfast Club Animated GIF v3

Multiple Intelligence (MI) week

  • To build and work effectively in a team.
  • To achieve a shared goal.

Goal setting and motivation

  • To set goals and achieve them.

Feedback as a gift

  • To show value and respect for others through feedback.

Time management and organisational strategies

  • Use tools and strategies to manage your life more effectively.

Communication 2: Listening with our whole bodies

  • To be an active and effective listener.

Relax and meditate 2

  • To be kind to yourself.

Make a positive contribution

  • To think about other people’s needs.
  • To improve other people’s lives.

I have been fortunate in my life, as I have benefitted from strong family support and I have also had the privilege to work in stimulating educational settings in the UK and around the world. In essence what we are creating at WDPS is the best of all that I believe is fundamental to giving our children ‘A Stepping Stone into the Future.’ Please look at the WDPS Prospectus as this gives a clear overview of our school.[link to prospectus]

We pride ourselves on being responsive to the community we serve, and the school staff strive to make WDPS a happy and successful learning environment for all children who attend the school.

We look forward to our getting to know you and your child better.

Mick MingStones
Head Teacher

Outer West Learning Trust (OWLT)

WDPS works with other local schools for mutual benefit. The Head Teachers, staff and Governors meet together regularly to share ideas and this has helped our schools to improve learning by sharing good practice e.g. staff training for the successful Read Write Inc. initiative and many joint curriculum projects.

Now our schools propose to strengthen our working relationships by becoming Foundation schools (still Newcastle Local Authority maintained schools) and gain charitable status as the Outer West Learning Trust.

Visit the Outer West Learning Trust (OWLT) website for more information, click on the picture below.

Outer West Learning Trust (OWLT)

Core Values

At West Denton we believe that all children should be valued and that their achievements should be celebrated. Each Friday certificates will be awarded in each class as follows:

  • Reader of the Week
  • Writer of the Week
  • Mathematician of the Week
  • Learner of the Week
  • Positive Attitude of the Week

Children will be praised by our school community at our weekly Achievers Assembly and then the children will take the certificates home for families to appreciate their success.

We believe that a ‘Work Hard and Achieve’ culture should be promoted and celebrated.

The children, staff and Governors of West Denton Primary School have discussed the Attitudes and Learner Profile we want  to promote in both children and adults throughout our school community.

find out more about our core values>>>

Promoting Democratic British Values

At WDPS we promote a respect for people of different faiths and cultural heritages.  By living out  our 'Core Values', children learn the importance of  ‘Empathy’, ‘Respect’ and ‘Commitment’ all of which help develop a positive mindset.

We are delighted to have embedded the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) in WDPS. The goal of the IPC is for children to focus on a combination of academic, personal and international learning. We want our children to enjoy their learning; develop enquiring minds, develop the personal qualities they need to be good citizens and develop all the skills they will need in order to succeed in life.

Through a democratic process, children are elected to serve as School Councillors. In this way they become involved in the decision-making process and they ensure that the student voice is listened to and acted on in school.

Ofsted Inspection

WDPS Ofsted Inspection – December 2013

2013 ended with a team of Ofsted Inspectors visiting the WDPS community on the 4th and 5th of December. [download Published Ofsted Report here]

Overall we have been graded as a ‘Good School’ with ‘Leadership and Management’ evaluated as ‘Outstanding’.

The report reflects what is special about the WDPS community:

  • Staff, pupils and parents alike have positive views of the school, the care and the education it offers.
  • Pupils are proud of their school.
  • The curriculum is exciting and relevant for pupils.
  • The curriculum is outstanding.
  • The wider curriculum has the explicit aim of raising aspirations for all of the pupils.
  • Pupils’ progress in mathematics is outstanding and progress in English is good and improving rapidly and securely.
  • The school promotes the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the pupils well.
  • Equality of opportunity is central to the work of the school.
  • Most of the teaching observed during the inspection was good, and some outstanding practice was seen.
  • Teaching Assistants provide good and often outstanding support for pupils.
  • Behaviour in and around school is excellent.
  • Governors are able to challenge the head teacher and senior team so that improvements continue at a pace.
  • The leadership of the school is inspirational.
  • The dynamic headteacher, together with the deputy headteacher, phase leaders and governing body provide outstanding leadership for the school.

So congratulations and thank you all for your positive and much-appreciated support for the WDPS community.

Follow this link to the Ofsted site

Many thanks to NRG Digital website designers in Sunderland.

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SEND local offer

What is SEND?

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (often called ‘SEN’ or ‘SEND’) is a legal term for many people who will need extra support during their education.

What is the Local Offer?

The Local Offer is a way of letting families know the services that are available locally and how access them; from specialist social care services, transport, childcare, health and sports activities.

Click on the SEND logo above to go to the Local Offer website.

School Welfare Officer Leaflet

If only children came with an instruction manual! Unfortunately, they don't and at times we all face those difficult moments when we just want to bury our heads and hope our problems go away.

Paula Stones our School Welfare Officer can help: download a leaflet for more information click the link below. School Welfare Officer Leaflet

Stepping Stone Newspaper

Miss Croll and the newspaper club have now produced the latest edition of the Stepping Stone, West Denton Primary School's very own newspaper.
December 2016 Issue 10 is available to download by clicking on this link.

For back issues click on the link below.Stepping Stone Back Issues

Child Protection Statement

Our school recognises our moral and statutory responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of all pupils.  We will endeavour to provide a safe and welcoming environment where children are respected and valued.  We will be alert to the signs of abuse and maltreatment and will follow our procedures to ensure that children receive effective support, protection and justice.

Leading Parent/Carer Partnership Award

West Denton Primary School (WDPS) gained LPPA status which is the ‘Leading Parent Partnership Award’ in July 2013. As a school, we have an excellent relationship with our parents and this shone through.




West Denton Primary School would like to acknowledge the generous support of the Big Lottery Fund for the ‘Life Cycle’ project which has helped us to develop a cycling based healthy living project for our children and the wider community. An after school club and other initiatives are teaching children and their parents about safe riding, road safety, cycle maintenance and providing us  with an opportunity to deliver healthy living education.  This project helps develop transferable life skills, encourages participation in exercise and provides people with the knowledge needed to lead a healthy life.

West Denton Primary Healthy School

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